Saturday, May 8, 2010

Her Majesty's New Shoes (Part 2 of 2)

Saturday morning (Day 2) I took a trip out to Fairfax Cycles for the mounting and was quoted a $35 install. Fine. I waited two hours but enjoyed the company of fellow bikers. The work was completed for free because the mechanic was having a horrible day. He was running behind on work and completely gouged the BMW rim ahead of mine…a $1300 (oops!!) mistake. His loss, my gain!

Despite ridiculous winds I was able to reassemble my bike. Man, am I EVER pleased with the results. This baby has a much more aggressive stance. I can't wait to take her out for an evening stroll in her new shoes!


  1. Looking at your carb I noticed the rubber cap on your choke lever is not seated. There is a lip on that rubber that should attach around the nut. Make sure the nut is snug before you attach the rubber. Your plug looked a little rich, maybe raise the clip on your needle one notch to lean it out a bit.

    The amount of leaking around your spark plug is disturbing. Either you didn't have the plug seated enough or the washer is shot. I see you put in a new plug; maybe clean the area around the plug and keep an eye on it for leakage. A little wipe of anti-seize is helps seal the threads a bit. Just remember not to over torque your spark plug.

    I have used a NGK BR8IEX in my bike for a long time and have found it works much better than the BR8ES as far as being more forgiving with bad carb settings. It will not foul as easy because of the iridium center electrode.

    Good luck with your Bullet, just a lot of repetitious fiddling to dial it in.


  2. Good call! I'll take a look at the bike again tomorrow.

    Gives me some much needed projects to "monitor". I'm trying to stay sane.