Sunday, October 11, 2009

From the Vault

The BBC world news agency has reported that they have recovered several rare movie reels from a basement storage facility in London. Two of the films were recorded by RAF field agents sometime during World War II, but were deemed classified by the military and confined to the archival research administration.

Previously thought to have been lost in a fire in 1955, the discovery came as a surprise to agency officials. Tony Meecham, Director of Historical References at BBC, has stated that "This is a truly amazing discovery. We are now working to preserve the master reels to prevent further corrosion to the film."

We are the first news outlet that has been granted permission to air the footage and we bring it to you live here today.

This first clip you will see is of a North American P-51 Mustang on startup. Believed to be filmed at Duxford Aerodrome sometime in 1944.

This next video was taken at the Audembert Luftwaffe airbase in France. This airfield near Calais was very close to the English Channel at its narrowest point, and its distance from England after takeoff is less than thirty miles. It had its heydey during the Battle of Britain, but it remained a viable German facility until after the Normandy invasion in 1944. It primarily served BF109 squadrons, but other sorties also flew out of this field from time to time. The following clip was taken in 1942, and shows an attack by RAF Spitfire fighters from the 34th detachment based at Cornwall.

Special thanks go out to our friends at the I made all of this up news agency. Any likenesses to above persons mentioned are purely coincidental, and frankly, just plain weird.

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