Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Indian "Chief"

I come across these Indian Chief motorcycle fender lamps all of the time on eBay (both vintage and new), and often think that there are other possible uses for these pimp little chrome heads. They are the perfect size to double as night lights, reading lamps, bar lighting, etc.

Would make a fun project in the New Year.

1941 Indian motorcycle brochure

1946 Indian Chief

1949 Indian Chief. Photographed by Loomis Dean - California, June, 1949.

2009 Indian Chief Bomber. With this vintage WWII gettup you can picture yourself busting down the gates of Berlin and cruising all the way to the Reichstag.

2009 Indian Chief Bomber

2010 Indian Chief Dark Horse. I'm digging the murdered-out matte black finish, but I'm just not feeling the leather seat tassles.

2010 Indian Chief Roadmaster

Vintage blue Indian Chief LED fender light found on eBay.

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