Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vinyl Score

I've been super busy finishing up projects and packing for my great Euro'Venture 2009, however, I did find a moment this afternoon to drop in on the local Record & Tape Exchange in Fairfax, Va.

This place is always hit or miss for me. Their CD collection is impressive and they have a growing used DVD collection, but I wish they had a larger new vinyl section. I generally go there to shop when I'm looking for weird sounds or movie soundtracks (which I have an affinity for).

On a good day I will walk away with a few cool things, but today I really scored.

Check out the haul:

Hutchence and Co.'s best selling album to date - 1987. $3.00.

Gabba Gabba Hey!, brother, brand new pressed vinyl reissue - 1977. $15.00.

Aloha Mr. Hand! The greatest stoner movie of the 80s and a pretty kickass soundtrack - 1983. $6.00.

Chief Brody is back to kick some more tail in this sequel to the scariest fish movie ever made. It's definitely NOT safe to go back in the water (or on a catamaran) - 1978. $5.00.

Yo, Adrian! It's me, Rocky! How could I resist this purchase, seriously - 1976. $3.00.

A weird and trippy carousel ride from conductor Merle Evans - 1960s(?). $3.00.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I've been looking for this album forever - 1968. $7.00.

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