Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day At The Airport. Continued.

On Saturday I took a trip up to the Bay Bridge airport in Maryland to check out the new family wagon.

A few months ago my dad entered into a lease-buyback program with the folks that operate Chesapeake Sport Pilot. The program has exploded in popularity which has resulted in a lack of airplanes for the students. It had become nearly impossible to schedule flight lessons on a weekend given the backlog.

By owning the airplane it is readily available whenever he wants to fly it, it is stored and maintained in their brand new hangar, and the school pays for the use of the plane. It also means that when I enter back into the workforce full time I can start my lessons at a far cheaper rate.

So this past Saturday was my first visit to see the plane and experience her joys for myself. It is a 2008 Technam P2002 Sierra. It is an Italian plane formerly owned by the President of the company. Oh, and she flies like a dream.

The iPhone photos are terrible.

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