Saturday, July 31, 2010

In The Pits

My car pulled up lame last night with a bum foot. I nursed it for a mile to the repair shop this morning and walked home. We've all been there at one time or another.

Oh the joys of automobile ownership.

Motorcycle tire change on the Eastern Front during WWII. via

Teenaged boys, who are junior members of the Molesters Club (as indicated by large "M"s sewn on the seats of their pants) rather than using a jack, simply lift the car so that the one pulling on tire can change it. Photo by Nina Leen. LIFE. 1945.

Don't change a tired without gloves, the tire could have ran over sap and could cause Poison Ivy. Photo by Al Fenn. LIFE. 1949.

A pit stop and driver change for the #7 Alfa of Peter Revson and Rolf Stommelen.(Photo by Lou Galanos) via

Steve McQueen in Bullitt. Pretty sure his 'stang needed a tire change after filming this scene! 1968.

Supermodel Angela Lindvall makes a strong case for proper tire maintenance.

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