Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Swag

Fawlz-a-here, which means that I can finally loot my closets of the old unwanted gear and either hawk it, donate it, or trash it. At the time of this post I will have already unloaded three bags worth of pants, tops, and shoes. Not bad, considering that I have already found a bunch of new stuff to add to my ongoing collection.

I'm personally digging a lot of things over at Hickoree's Hard Goods.

You can chalk this up to, "shit I want for the Fall":

This 1940s-50s Hercules Denim Chore Jacket is pretty sweet. Perfect for just about any outdoor activity.

Including working on a chain gang. Just ask Paul Newman:

I see these 1950s-60s Sears "Mountain Cloth" work pants and think about every working stiff that ever had to pull a pair of these on and trudge to the office. They'd make for a great motorcycle utility pant.

This Stanley & Sons selvedge denim apron is unfortunately sold out on the web. Great for any craftsmen, artist, architect, mechanic, etc.

I'm not a wallet guy anymore but this may change my attitude. Just don't drop it in the woods 'cause it'd be gone forever.

This pimp leather biz card holder satisfies a need in my life. I will own this.

The embossed "dueling pistols" icon on the front is an old military insignia used by the MP division, and is stamped with a WWII-era lead and steel die. I didn't need any additional reasons, but this description makes it that much better.

These Velskoen boots are the precursor to the modern day desert boot. Here's what's neat about them:

Our velskoen are made in the coastal town of Swakopmund, Namibia, at the Herbert Schier factory. A production line of eight Damara gentlemen assembles every shoe by hand, turning out 30 pairs a day.

Herbert Schier vellies are made of vegetable-dyed Kudu leather. The Namibian government mandates the culling of these large native antelope to control the population. Kudu skin yields amazingly durable leather and suede, and because these are taken from wild animals they often show scars or other "imperfections" that domesticated hides don't.

What, you mean to tell me that you wouldn't want this to keep vagrants away from your fort?

I'm a voracious note-taker and a doodler. I will often carry note pads with me from meeting to meeting as a tool to stay on task. These little guys not only look cool, but will also slip into your back pocket. Excellent.

Every scribbler needs a good set of graphite pencils. These are about as worthy as you will find.

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