Sunday, November 8, 2009

DC Big Flea Market: November 7-8

The DC Big Flea Market hit town this past weekend. Rarely do I miss an opportunity to visit this show as it attracts some of the finest exhibitors on the east coast. I've made out like a bandit in the past and have scored some big ticket items.

I took photos of some of the more unique items. Forgive the quality as they were snapped with my iPhone.

This Paul McCobb drop-leaf dining table and chairs was in truly excellent condition, and a steal at only $550.00. Early 1960s.

This exhibitor has some really great vintage sporting equipment, collegiate pennants, etc. He also is the primary supplier to all of the Ralph Lauren stores in the U.S.

An amazing array of the most random crap ever. Not sure what to look at first.

Apparently the show was open all of twenty minutes before these two matching chairs were snapped up. Awesome.

Pyrex baking and casserole dishes in swell condition.

This guy always has the coolest collection of vintage adventure books for boys. 1930s - 1950s.

I really liked the compactness of this retro dining set, but the patterns are just hideous. It was a steal though at $150.00.

I love old globes and this one was in pretty good condition.

1964/65 New York World's Fair commemorative glass.

The packed show floor.

$3000.00 for a Superman lunchbox?

Jim Beam Corvette Stingray decanter.

Retro lighted tree toppers.

Miami Vice anyone? Definitely a conversation piece.

Retro-luxe picnic plates and cups.

Cool starburst wall clock. Not sure if it still worked.

This thing amazed me. As big as a hardbound book and about as heavy. It's amazing how much technology has changed. And Erol's.

Roy Rogers horse-drawn carriage.

Tiki glasses in near perfect condition.

The toy man.

Just a small sampling of the toy man's wares.

Superman pogo stick.

Vintage shoe shine bench.

The next show takes place January 9-10, 2010.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by...I'll try to keep it interesting!