Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Million Dollar Quartet

An old fashioned barrel-house session with barber shop harmonies resulting.
-Bob Johnson

On December 4, 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee, four of the wild-est, primping-est, cussing-est, wailing-est, and rocking-est dudes aligned like planets with the Sun recording studio to crack a barnstorming jam for the ages.

This gathering, which happened by pure luck for Sun owner Sam Phillips, resulted in the most spirited festooning of songs in the short history of rockabilly music. Good thing Phillips left the tapes running.

By the time the taped session was made public in 1969 the careers of the four artists had veered off in wildly different directions, but their carefree and youthful exuberance remains locked forever in that moment.

We also have these photos of the troubadours in the prime of their playing days...

Jerry Lee Lewis rocks the piano.

Carl Perkins in studio.

The man in black - Johnny Cash.

Jerry Lee Lewis salutes his fans.

Carl Perkins and Elvis greet fans.

Johnny Cash.

Jerry Lee Lewis playin' and wailin'.

Elvis croons.

Carl Perkins strums that geetar.

Jerry Lee Lewis and his rockabilly circus.

Elvis in the Sun recording studio with Sam Phillips.

Carl Perkins works the stage.

Jerry Lee Lewis (and his hair) lights up the room.

Elvis Presley driven to frenzy.

Jerry Lee Lewis onstage.

Johnny Cash mocks the establishment.

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