Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ice Pilots

"Ice Pilots NWT is a 13-episode real-life docu-series about an unorthodox airline in the Canadian North. Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways flies WWII-era propeller planes – big old aircraft built by "Rosie the Riveter" that have remained virtually unchanged over the years. Rookie pilots defy bone-chilling temperatures to fly cargo and passengers through blizzards, breakdowns and transatlantic journeys. It's an impossible job in a merciless place."

I've always wanted to visit the Great White North.

Buffalo Airways is the only commercial airline in the world that still ferries passengers in the Douglas DC-3; THE plane that revolutionized air travel.

The US version of the History Channel has some great television programming, but man, I'd trade Canada Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch for Ice Pilots any day.


  1. Hi C,
    Thanks so much for your great endorsement of Ice Pilots. Unfortunately, the US History Channel has turned down the series several times, and so has Discovery. We'll keep trying to get it onto a US channel. Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with the Ice Pilots news and new seasons, check us out at www.icepilots.com.
    Exec. Producer
    Ice Pilots NWT

  2. Well Gabriela, thank you for the kind note.

    We'll keep our fingers crossed down this way.

    It's a great show and I love what y'all are doing to preserve these aircraft to keep them in the air where they belong.



  3. It's a great show. I can't wait for next season. Meeting Mikey at Oshkosh was a real highlight for me.
    All The Best IP-NWT!

  4. Ahhh...I missed Oshkosh this year.

    If you ever get a chance to visit the UK the Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford is phenom:



  5. Ice Pilots is simply superb- Ok I'm a big aviation fan and love Canada, but I think any body would really get into these programmes.
    Can't wait for series 2.

    Regards......Stuart [UK]

  6. I'm with you there Stuart. I had the opportunity to attend the Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford in the summer of 2007 and was blown away. What a fantastic collection.