Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bits and Bobs

I haven't posted about "Her Majesty" in awhile because, well, not much is going on with her.

I haven't been very happy with the install of the left side mirror. It jiggled too much and when I pulled it back out for repairs I ended up destroying the little custom wing nut. I decided to just fab a replacement and settled on this little rubber stopper from Home Depot. I drilled a hole down the center for the machine screw to rest inside and slid it back into the handle. It is much more secure now.

Last month I ordered an ACE Canister air intake system from Classic Motor Works, but the line was discontinued due to a faulty reflector screen (it was burning seats!). I was on the fence about whether or not I should just replace the cheap-o filter until I came across a K&N unit for $40. I've used K&N products in the past and have been really happy with the results. It was an easy install.

Other than a few nagging items she's all ready for her visit to the shop and the dreaded "state inspection of doom".

The $.80 rubber stopper.

I drilled a hole down the center for the machine screw.

Here's the result. It looks and feels a bit more professional.

The old and very bulky filter box.

Old intake - gone.

My new K&N from Classic Motor Works.

Installation was easy and future cleanings will be even easier.

Not exactly the look I was going for but engine performance should be much improved.


  1. Cool site. I have one of those Enfields, too. Be sure to check your plug and make sure it's not running too lean after that K&Ns been on there. Sometimes the extra air flow makes the mixture lean unless you put bigger jets in the carb.You can burn up the top end.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    Any info about the Enfields are always welcome as it's not running at the moment. It's time for a "real" mechanic to take a stab. Shouldn't be much to get it up and scooting. I want it operable in time for Fall here on the East Coast.

    I have been away on vacation but will be back to new posts soon.

  3. I have a Velvet Green '99. Same as yours 'cept kickstart only. Why won't your bike run? Do you have a manual for it? My bike came out of a shed where it had sat for 5-6 years. I was able to get it running in an afternoon with a little consulting with the manual and some trial and error. Just got it inspected and tagged this weekend in fact.

    Call C&L Cycles in Randallstown on Liberty Road. I'm in Baltimore. They were the local dealer here. They don't sell REs anymore but still stock some parts and still work on them. They might recommend someone in VA for you.


  4. Bit of a long story which you can read about here on "The Duchess" link:

    Essentially I have wanted an Enfield for two years and jumped at the opportunity to purchase a locally owned '04 Bullet with only 234 miles. I found it on eBay and made the deal offline. Unfortunately it was never broken in properly and has kicked up all of the quirks. I have done some work myself and have put 30+ miles around local roads. It needs a new battery, oil change, valves and timing set. I don't have as much time to work on it at the moment so would rather a mechanic get it up to speed and inspected.

    I have spoken to Velocity in Richmond. They're about the same distance to me here in NOVA as C&L in Randallstown.



  5. I think they run better the more they're used. "Use it or lose it" as they say.

    If you don't mind my asking, what'd you pay for your RE? I think I got toasted a little on mine, seeing as I had to buy new tires and a battery, not to mention all the time it took me to get it running right. it already had a right shift kit installed, so that's worth $250 or so, but still.

  6. I have no shame in sharing that info...$4000. Sounds like a lot and probably is but I consider it a finders'/convenience fee.

    Like I said, the auction was listed on eBay local (DC) and he had interested parties from as far away as North Dakota. He let me come check it out one Saturday in early April and I dropped a $300 hold on the bike that afternoon. He then removed the listing. It was exactly what I had been looking for (color/condition/kick & electric) and only had 234 miles. Plus, his brother came out and delivered it to my door. It hadn't been ridden in three years so the maintenance issues were expected.

    I continue to document my upgrades to this site as more of a visual reference for myself, but it has attracted some interest from Enfielders. The rear tire was only $ most have been pretty inexpensive. If I go and pop a new battery in there this weekend I'm sure I can get it running. I just haven't had the time with starting a new job and all.