Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breather Hose Fix

Not a very exciting post but I "fixed" one nagging problem on the bike today.

The original breather hose was so cracked that the excess oil and other gunk was getting ejected all over the crankcase and onto the pavement.

I went back and forth on how to address the problem after doing a lot of research, and learned that the configuration on my model year is part of a design flaw that improperly handles the engine's exhalation (so to speak). I decided to just replicate the existing setup until my back-ordered ACE filter canister arrives in the mail.


The original breather hose. Excess oil residue gets blown out of the engine from this point. Note the severe cracks in the upper left of the hose. After a ride the oily gunk would leak from here and get dumped onto the crankcase.

It then routes underneath the battery box.

And up to the oil catch can (in black). The "goal" of the can is to catch the overflow, but it needs to be emptied fairly regularly. The major problem is that some of this residue can shoot into the airbox which will stifle the engine and kill the air filter.


I picked up a length of heater hose from AutoZone for a little under 2 bucks. Aligned it with the original and cut to size.

Along with these hose clamps.

I really need a size larger for the clamps, but since I don't see this as a long term fix they'll be fine for now.

And to the catch can.

I took her for a ride on this gorgeous afternoon, but had some problems half an hour into my ride. The engine kept stalling at speed which I think is because of the residue. Scary? Yes. As another temporary fix I plan to plug the end of the catch can that feeds into the airbox.

Eventually I will remove the catch can entirely and run a breather hose that has a duck bill attachment out and over the chain. The excess oil will be able to self-lubricate the chain. Talk about going green!

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