Saturday, June 19, 2010

DARKPOW! vs. Sagat

Yesterday I drove down to the Boo Williams Sportsplex in Hampton, Virginia for the WKA North American Combat Sports Championship. As a fighter trained in the art of Muay Thai, it was my roommate's first foray into the world of mixed martial arts tournament competition.

After four months of intense training and a weight drop of 30 lbs the mighty DARKPOW! was set to take center stage. But no amount of fight readiness could have prepared him for his competitor. As he entered the ring a look of bafflement crossed his face when recognition set in.

Sagat? Really?!

According to his wiki:

Sagat (サガット?, based on Thai สกัด) made his first appearance in the original Street Fighter as the final boss of the game and is characterized as a Muay Thai master who is well-known throughout his country for his incredible speed and power. After the player defeats the eight initial opponents, their character Ryu (or Ken on Player 2's side) is taken to Thailand to face the final two opponents: Adon, Sagat's apprentice, and Sagat himself. After being defeated, he tells the player that he or she is the "strongest Street Fighter in the world".

How far his star has fallen. He was once one of the feared final bosses, but now is forced to work his way up to the Street Fighter Championship the old fashioned way. Unfortunately for DARKPOW!, Sagat hasn't looked this in shape since Street Figher Alpha 3. Even Dhalsim's Yoga Flame would have been useless against this revitalized warrior.

The fight started with a flurry of jabs and kicks (obviously a button masher was in control) as DARKPOW! and Sagat worked to fill up their power meters. Near the end of the 1st round Sagat unleashed a wicked Tiger Shot followed by a ruthless Tiger Knee Crush. Both fighters retreated to their corners, and as the bell to round 2 sounded DARKPOW! returned with great vigor.
Round 1 to Sagat.

Late in the 2nd, after a series of failed clench attempts, DARKPOW! unleashed his secret weapon...the dreaded DARKCROTCHKICK! The mighty Sagat fell. Hard. And remained stunned for several minutes (at this point the player must have pushed pause to grab some chips and soda). When play resumed an angry Sagat swept DARKPOW!'s leg and delivered an illegal Ground Tiger Shot.
Round 2 to DARKPOW!

Entering round 3 both fighters returned to center with fury. After chugging a liter of Captain Splash, DARKPOW! threw a chain of SCOTT CHOCOLATE COMBOS. Sagat then followed with a frenzy of Tiger Uppercuts, Tiger Knee Crushes, and one brutal Tiger Genocide. As the final bell sounded it remained unclear which fighter would prevail.
Round 3 Undecided.

Despite a true test of will by the Mighty DARKPOW! the judges sided in favor of Sagat. Ryu issued an abrupt "no comment" after the match.

Who needs fight video when you have this:

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