Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Live Today. Tomorrow Will Cost More."

The title of this post was the once famous slogan from the now defunct Pan American World Airways. Cultural icon of the 20th Century.

Pan Am existed at a time when air travel was new and cool, it was ok to hit on the "stewardessessessess", and it didn't take five hours to get through security. Because, well, there was no security.

When I was younger my family took our semi-annual trips from Houston to London on Pan Am. We flew steerage on the Jumbo Jet and back then it was okay to smoke and get sauced on flights. It looks glamorous in old movies right? Yeah, well, when you're stuck on a nine hour flight and everyone is smoking the entire trip it pretty much just sucks. Especially when you're squinting through the haze on the one screen to watch Corey Haim in Lucas.

Pan Am Clipper - 747 Jumbo Jet.

Anyway, the airline company may be dead but the brand continues to live on through a variety of goods; primarily these kickass bags:

Marc Jacobs approved.

I purchased mine (below) a few years ago and can testify to the fact that it makes a perfect carry-all for flights, weekend trips, whatever. I get stopped all of the time in airports by people asking me where I purchased it from. Plus, it looks dope.

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