Saturday, September 18, 2010

V Trip

Today was the day. I finally trailered up the Enfield for transport down to Velocity Motorcycles in Richmond, VA. I dropped it off for a full service and state inspection. At last.

I'm looking at a four week wait until they can get around to servicing the bike, but I'm cool with that. It's over to the experts now.

The showroom floor.

1973 Norton Commando 850.

1971 BSA Thunderbolt.

Royal Enfield Cafe Racer.

Ducati Cafe Racer. Not for Sale.

It's tough to look tough on a Ural. There's a Commie joke in here somewhere.

No trip to Richmond is complete without a visit to Buz and Ned's. Home of the Flay Slayer.


  1. So what happened with the bike, man? I posted a few weeks ago. I also have a green RE. Did it make it through inspection? Were they able to get it tuned for you?

    These bikes love this weather we're having now- crisp & cool.

  2. Well, here's the update. I knew when I dropped it off that I was looking to wait at least a month. The shop had a total backlog of bikes, plus they're an Eagle Rider center so have to constantly maintain those for rentals.

    It's been worked on and inspected and I plan to pick it up tomorrow. Been talking to the shop lead and he's been notifying me of all the quirks...namely the electric start. He replaced the switch with a sturdier Yamaha one. It doesn't want to catch all of the time and he told me to ride it for a couple of months and maybe bring it back in the spring if it continues to act up. I'll post more this weekend.


  3. Congrats! There's still lots of riding to do before the ice and snow get here. If I were you I wouldn't use the electric start at all unless you're stalled at a light and need to get it started quickly. The sprag gear that allows the starter motor to turn the timing gears and start the bike are notorious for failing.

    If the bike is tuned well it should start easy with the kicker. It does take practice but after awhile your ear will tell you the perfect time to follow through with the kick. My bike starts second kick every morning even with the 45-50 degree weather. It took lots of starts to get the technique down.

    Plus it looks tuff!

  4. Yup - sprag gear is the term that slipped my mind. I was told that it's notorious for slipping and be careful not to hold down the starter switch too long because it burns out easily. Lessons learned the hard way.

    I'll post up photos and videos when Her Majesty returns home.