Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Retro Obsession: Ford Bronco

Through five successive generations, Ford's Bronco provided a more brutish, yet fun, alternative to it's wildly successful line of rugged pickup trucks. That's a shit-ton of American steel (and jobs).

For years now I've flirted with the idea of purchasing one of these late-model squirrel killers. A ratted out, jacked up, rusty Bronco with a faux wood dash and cheap aftermarket seat covers. You can almost smell the burning oil.

More recently, however, I've been digging the late 60s/early 70s models. They are damn near works of art when restored correctly. And now I want one.

The Ford Bronco. Perfect for camping trips, mountaineering, towing shit, hauling dead animals, or outrunning the cops. Unleash your inner redneck.

1983 Ford Bronco ad. The red interior makes it easier for mountain patrol to spot your lifeless body amidst all of that snow.

1976 Bronco.

1979 Bronco.

1982 Ford Bronco ad.

Matt Houston's die-cast metal Bronco. Rad chest hair and mustache not included.

1973 Ford Bronco.

1980 Ford Bronco ad. The family wagon that gets such terrible mileage that you'll need to trade one of your kids for gas money.

1972 Bronco.

1966 Bronco.

1978 Ford Bronco ad. Riding shotgun with the Brawny Man and his dog Skip.

1977 Bronco.

1975 Bronco.

1975 Bronco interior.

Oh yeah, you've got this.

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